Getting Started

Your choices are important to you… to your future mate…and to your children. These choices need to be made with good information and with a personal resolve to enact and maintain a plan for your Sexual Integrity.

ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center is proud to offer to you the character-based Portland Lifeguard program which will help you to take the necessary steps toward setting up your Sexual Integrity plan.

The Portland Lifeguard program is completely FREE and CONFIDENTIAL within the limits of the law.

Contact us today to enroll in your individual or group sessions designed to your personal needs.

The following are some of the courses we offer.

Pre-teen and Teen

JUST SAY YES: Look Before You Leap Connecting Points
Content: STDs/STIs, Drugs & Alcohol, Dating Violence, Teen Brain Development, Eating Disorders.

The Medical Institute Presents: Faces of the Issue
Content: Damaged Goods, Casual Consequences, Hooked, Shouldn't They (personal stories of consequences).

The Medical Institute Presents: Just Thought You Ought to Know
Content: Teens giving teens the facts on sex and STDs.

Dennis & Barbara Rainey: Passport 2 Purity
Content: Pre-teen interactive study with 1-1 discussion on physical changes to conme, preempt peer pressure, establishing sex & dating principles, encouragement.

Teen Plus

Pam Stenzel: Love Lessons - Purity is Possible
Content: The High Cost of Free Love (STD risks); Will You Accept This Rose? The Bachelor Myth (Love vs. Sex); The Slow Fade - A Look At the Sin Cycle (Daily Compromises); The Four Chairs - Build Your Character (choices we make).

Pam Stenzel: Sex Still Has a Price Tag
Content: Sexual activity is a choice, all choices have consequences; short and long term effects of having sex now vs. abstaining.

Pam Stenzel: Sex-Ed: No Screwin' Around
Content: Personal stories of individual choices. Covers character, STDs, Pregnancy, Boundaries, Friends, Respoect, Body Parts, Good and Bad Relationships.


The Blueprint for Sexual Integrity
Content: Discussion of God's original design for living with sexual integrity.

Douglas Weiss, L.P.C.: Steps to Sexual Healing
Content: In-depth discussion on the effects of sexual abuse and misuse and finding healing.

Bible Study by Linda Cochrane, R.N.: Path to Sexual Healing
Content: Using God's Word to discover the grace through which each of us can face the sexual sin that drives us away from wholeness. Addresses with bodth sensitivity and honesty the issue of sexual sin and recovery from it. For those who have been sexually abused and those who have hurt others or themselves through sexual sin.


Dr. Kevin Leman: Making the Most of Marriage, Building a Relationship that Will Last a Lifetime
Content: Candid Discussions on balancing the challenges and benefits of two personalities; doing your best for the one you love; the effect of birth order in marrage; how kids grow and thrive through their parent's relationship; resolving confliggtsl keeping the relationship alive; becoming one.


Day of Discovery: When Love Hurts; Understanding Healing Domestic Abuse
Content: When Abuse is Worse than Divorce, When the Bible is Used to Abuse, When Apologies are Dangerous, When the Church is Needed Most